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The client came to us with the goal of developing a new site to replace the existing landing page. The new value of the site for a fairly wide target audience was to provide information on how to better manage their finances when they travel, how they could save money, and great credit card deals. The key detail is that the audience is entirely English-speaking and predominantly from the U.S., just like our client.

Particular attention should have been paid to creating a visually simple and attractive design with clear navigation. The task is to unobtrusively direct the user to useful information and additional paid services of the client: news subscription, bank offers, access to a closed group in Discord.

Project structure

After the first interviews with the client and the analysis of similar Internet resources, we began to develop the wireframes of the key pages of the site.

Design conception

The client emphasized that it was important for the site to «looks good». We chose the mobile-first approach and proposed our concept on the example of the main page and the list of articles, with different variants of the main color gradient, icon style and grid elements. From the first iteration the concept was accepted by the client without reservation, we only had to apply our preferred detail design. So the design of the two pages was ready.

Further work on the design was in a constant rhythm. After the presentation and coordination of mobile display pages adapted to the desktop and at the same time collected the UI-kit.


The home page contains announcements of articles in various subject categories and the top credit offers. The main action is to go further to detailed information or subscribe to the newsletter.

Points Party

Subscription form

Subscription form offers you to select the categories of interest to receive the regular newsletter.

Points Party


We’ve implemented an easy-to-read, visual content-emphasizing grid that brings the user closer to their travel dreams.

The detailed blog page provides a focus on reading the material and at the same time is supplemented with navigation elements to increase the time the user spends on the site.

Credit cards

The filter on the categories of the offers and brief information about the features of each card helps you find the right conditions. You can submit an application both from the list and from the detailed page, where you will also find articles giving additional tips on how to use the card competently.

Points Party


The Community page tells you what benefits you can get by joining a closed Discord group and gaining access to exclusive information.

System pages

It is our policy to provide the project with a complete set of design materials in a unified style, so the frontend team also received the design of 404 and 500 error pages, site search, privacy policy, newsletter template, Open Graph preview.



As usual, we carefully assembled all the design elements into a component system, developed a styleguide and rules for adapting the grid for different screen resolutions.


The cherry on the cake and our special pride is the new logo. We updated the palette and developed the original combination of an airplane and a bank card. In our version, the airplane, associated with travel, became more elegant, and the bank card was hidden in the wallet.


Project team

  • Vera

    Project manager

  • Vladislav


  • Vlad


  • Max

    Art Director

  • Mila

    Lead designer

  • Anastasia

    Project manager

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