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Client is a turnkey repair service: from the design project to the delivery of the finished apartment (with rough or finish work).

The client was worried about an insufficiently high conversion rate. There was traffic on the site, but users didn't order anything.


Conduct a site audit, identify problem areas, provide general conclusions, as well as recommendations for eliminating problems and improving the user experience.

Tasks included in the project:

  • usability audit;
  • user experience research;
  • front-end analysis of the site;
  • website analytics.
Site Audit for

About the project

The project offers an interesting, in some ways, innovative model for designing apartments, selecting materials and decorations. For residents of St. Petersburg, the service provides repair specialists who will help implement the proposed solutions.

A newcomer, or anyone wishing to update the environment, a person can, without leaving home, to pick up the style of the future interior, get drawings, recommendations on the choice of materials, decor, and even walk around the updated apartment in 3d emulator. And then order everything and make repairs with the hands of experts.


Website analytics

We started by analyzing the site. We assessed user demographics, studied the click map, scrolling, and analyzed forms and depth of view.

The problem points identified and recommendations for improvement mainly concerned improving user interaction with the forms on the site and increasing the depth of page views.

Front-end analysis of the site

We checked the site for accessibility of the desktop and mobile versions, evaluated the loading speed, and tested it for cross-browser compatibility. We found minor deviations, which were immediately sent to the client's developers to fix.

Front-end analysis of the site

Usability audit

Then we passed the site to our UX/UI specialists for usability audit.

For such tasks we always involve our lead designers. Therefore, the client has no doubts about the experts' conclusions.

At once four designers looked at each input, button, and illustration. Not a single interface element was left unattended. The result of the work was a document with detailed notes on errors. We also made a list of 10 capacious recommendations to improve usability.

Usability audit

User experience research

To conduct the user experience research, we compiled a testing guide, prepared tasks and questions for users, and recruited real respondents from among newcomers.

Respondents were given several tasks: to get acquainted with the site, choose a free interior solution and order a design project.

Personal interaction and observation of actions allowed us to better understand the world of a particular user, to identify needs, difficulties in the process of interaction with the interface.

We then constructed user path maps (UJM) containing user actions, goals and expectations, barriers, drivers at each step of the path, and described user portraits.

The test results helped us formulate specific hypotheses to improve the interface.

User experience research


The result of our labors is an extensive PDF document containing:

  • Website analytics.
  • Front-end analysis of the site.
  • Usability audit.
  • User experience research.
  • General conclusions and recommendations.

The final section of the report we summarized the conclusions from all previous reports and gave convenient instructions which will make the site more usable and sellable.

All in all we spent 156 specialist hours and 26 working days on the project.

Project team

  • Vsevolod

    Project manager

  • Ivan

    Art director

  • Polina

    Content manager

  • Artyom


  • Dinara


  • Vera

    Project manager

  • Max

    Frontend developer

  • Ekaterina

    Project manager

  • Vladislav


  • Aleksey

    Frontend developer

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